When can I expect a response to my job application? complete guide

Hello everyone, and welcome to In this blog, we will share information on how we can expect a response to my job application. Have you applied to a company and waited a week for a response? Maybe you’re curious about how long it takes to hear from someone about an interview. Here are the durations and recommendations for action in each situation.

When Can I Expect a Response to My Job Application? Usually, it takes one to two weeks to get a response. It largely depends on the sector, the position you’re seeking for, and the company’s hiring committee. Government organizations may take up to a month to respond. Typically, if a business hasn’t contacted you after two weeks, they’re probably not interested. If the job posting is still live, you could still have an opportunity to hear from the hiring manager soon.

The best thing you can do in the meanwhile is to keep applying to jobs in the hopes that someone will eventually contact you, unless you just want to work for one organization. You may choose to follow up with an email or phone call for the positions in which you are truly interested.

After submitting a resume, it can take up to two weeks before you hear back. This amount of time allows a business to compile a particular number of applicant answers while also keeping the waiting period reasonable.

The sort of business and the HR staff managing the job posting determine this in most cases. It could take a month for a government-owned business. It might only take a day or two for Costco. If they are not interested after reviewing your online application, they might give you an email, but usually they will ghost you. This indicates that the business won’t even respond to you.

Before making external hiring, many businesses strive to fill positions internally. The greatest method of applying for a job and a surefire way to hear back is definitely an internal job application. After submitting an internal application, it should typically take 7 to 10 days for a response. You should probably get in touch with the recruiter and inquire if you didn’t hear back.

You wait again before the interview after completing the application. Consider obtaining a Google IT certificate or one of the widely sought-after Microsoft Azure Certificates if you want to improve your chances of landing a job in the IT industry.

It can take up to two weeks because this is just enough time for a business to find all the applications they require while not keeping candidates waiting too long for a response from the hiring committee.

It’s not unusual for the business to respond to an application a month later. This could be as a result of the job opportunity being low priority, HR being overburdened, or even the fact that another preferred candidate declined the job offer.

Companies have several hiring procedures with various deadlines. At HowMonk, you may check the hiring procedures of many different firms, like UPS, USPS, FedEx, and even the difficulty of becoming a fighter pilot.

Most of the time, if an employer is interested, it is up to them to contact you; you shouldn’t have to call them. After submitting an application, should you contact the employer? You ought to follow up with a call or an email if you’re determined to do everything in your power to land that position.

You can just ask them to confirm that they received everything they require in the email (or on the phone). Additionally, you might express your interest in the post once again and briefly discuss your qualifications.

You might also inquire as to the progress of your application, but as this is a delicate subject, you might want to avoid it altogether by simply expressing your continued enthusiasm and interest.

Sometimes, following up will reveal whether they are still interested. Additionally, it will demonstrate your excitement, which can improve your chances of landing that position. But unless you urgently require an answer, take careful not to berate or press them (for example, you got another offer).

It could be even preferable to go in person and meet them if the position is in retail, customer service, or a restaurant. Ask for their names when you meet the HR manager. Express your desire to work there. Let them see your eagerness to begin. They might think about you and be polite to you in the future.

Remember that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket and wait for the right job or company to present itself. Quitting your job is difficult enough; don’t stop applying to other companies unless you have connections there or they have already expressed interest in you.

Your time is scarce and valuable. So, even if it’s just to give yourself some peace of mind, give them a call back to save yourself some time. After two weeks, if you haven’t heard anything, you should probably find something else to do.

A week after applying or the day after they claimed to have contacted you but didn’t is an excellent time to give them a call back. Call them back as soon as you can if you missed their call if that happened. You shouldn’t pass up this chance. Instead of being cool, you should demonstrate your curiosity to the employer.

Ask Someone Who Works Inside the Company

Know someone who currently holds a position at the company you applied to? Ask them for some inside information.

Many reasons, as we just discussed, can cause the hiring process to take longer. Your inside source may be aware of any internal developments that hinder the hiring managers from moving forward with the search. They can alert you, hopefully allaying your concerns and providing you with sufficient details to change your schedule.

See if the person you are in contact with who works for the company can assist you in networking. Not everyone will be willing to put you in touch with the correct individuals, but if this insider is someone you know well, they will be able to put you in touch with everyone.

In any industry, effective networking can provide you an advantage. Any chance to broaden your professional network should always be taken advantage of because the correct connections can go a long way. A person inside is like having their toe in the door already!

Ask Someone Who Recently Applied, Other potential candidates could also be able to shed some light on the hiring process.

If you know someone who has applied for a position comparable to this one, ask them. There’s a strong probability that some of the people in your networking circle also applied if it was a reputable company with a position that was specific to your field or profession. People in industries tend to be quite connected to one another.

Once more, this is where networking is so crucial!

Reach out to them once you’ve located someone to ask whether they’ve heard anything. Your response from them can help you learn more about the recruiting process and how long you should anticipate waiting for a response.

You know your odds of hearing back are slim if you both applied at the same time and the firm has already contacted them. It is obvious that the hiring managers have started scheduling interviews, therefore the process is progressing. Although disappointing, at least now you are aware. You can now put your worries to rest and focus on finding other possible work opportunities.

But suppose your colleague never received a response. That may imply that you are still a contender. It can mean there have been delays and no one has yet heard from the hiring supervisors. That is all speculation, of course, but it is still preferable than not knowing anything at all.

Even if a coworker is equally concerned as you are, they might be able to offer some perspective that you are lacking. Perhaps they know someone inside as well. Everyone can feel more at ease if such knowledge is shared.

How Long to Hear Back From Government Job Application?

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) states that after submitting an application for a government job, you should hear back from the employing organization 15 to 30 days after the notice of the job opportunity closes.

Contact the company who posted the job ad if you haven’t heard from them yet.

The application procedure for federal jobs has no set deadline. It should take roughly a month to hear back from any application for a government position, such as a Civil Service application.

In general, it takes one to two weeks to hear back after you apply for a teaching position, depending on the institution you’re applying to.

They may respond right away for “title I” schools where many instructors don’t want to work. Rich suburban schools, on the other hand, might take their time to find all the candidates first.

Here are some of the explanations for why applicants for teaching jobs don’t receive interviews:

  • There is no cover letter, allowing the interview team to learn more about you. Tell them how happy you are to have this chance. Why is this school? The reason why?
  • faulty references If your references are less favorable, District may send out a computerized reference check and reject your application.
  • lack of experience (a clear one)

The beginning of the school year is when a lot of hiring takes place, so you might want to target that time.

To get a response and an interview, you simply need to keep applying to as many institutions as you can. Before landing that first interview, you might need to submit five to ten applications. Sometimes, things simply take time. Continue on.

Last but not least, don’t forget to take care of yourself.

There is no denying the stress associated with job hunting. They sometimes cause emotional ups and downs. You briefly experience excitement and a desire to apply. However, if you don’t hear back from an employer for a few weeks, you can start to feel depressed.

Those feelings are quite understandable. Being unhappy over not landing a job is OK. Spend a moment expressing your emotions and feeling your sadness.

How about then? Pass on. There is always another opportunity on the horizon, so don’t dwell on missed ones. Pay close attention to your mental health and control your stress.

Spend time with your loved ones while you wait for a response from a job. Spend time on your interests and participate in relaxing activities! Take occasional time off for your mental health; don’t be frightened to do so.

It can seem like a full-time job filled with nothing but stress and despair to apply for open opportunities. Spend the day off relaxing and resetting. Later on, you’ll appreciate it!


Although it’s common to be curious about how long it will take to hear back about a job, try not to let it bother you. Instead, be proactive and increase your chances while you wait by following the suggestions. You’ll regret not doing it.

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