How to Get a Job at Walmart: Complete Information 2022

Hello, and thank you for visiting In this blog, we will share information on how to get a job at Walmart. The majority of the time, applying for jobs at Walmart isn’t too tough, although not all locations need employees, and there are formal interviews for corporate and managerial roles. So, how can you ensure that you land a job?

You should either phone back or visit the store and ask to speak with the People Lead if you want to guarantee that you are hired by Walmart. Going in person could be preferable since they are frequently unavailable by phone due to their hectic schedules.

Give your name, mention that you applied online, and ask to be considered for an interview when you speak with the person in charge of hiring. If you can, let them know that you are available, and if you have one, hand them your CV.

This way, when they need to hire someone, they will remember your name and phone number and call you. It is a good idea to prepare for both the assessment exam and the interview because you must first pass them both.

The quickest approach to be recruited at Walmart is to speak with the person in charge of hiring at that particular Walmart location directly by phone or in person. The “People lead” is typically in charge, but you might also ask to speak with HR or a coach. Inform them of your job application and express your want to attend an interview as soon as possible.

On a weekday, mid-morning around 10 am is typically the best time to accomplish this because it is less crowded. Whether applying for a job at Target, Costco, Apple, REI Coop, or Walmart, this type of strategy generally works for retail service organizations. Because they know the individual who just stepped in is prepared to work, they are more likely to hire him.

In addition to having open availability in your application form, you should apply when Walmart is actively hiring to improve your chances of getting recruited.

Always be courteous but consistent when you call. Call every day if you can’t reach someone since it can mean the difference between getting the job or not.

Have Plenty of Availability, If you are accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week when you apply, your chances of being hired will increase. This will make it easier for you to enter. Because they placed constraints on their availability days and hours, I’ve witnessed more eligible individuals get passed up in favor of less qualified individuals.

Sometimes having the option to choose a less experienced stock person with open availability is preferable for hiring managers than having the option to choose a stock person with ten years of experience who can only work on weekday mornings. It is more probable that you will be recruited the more adaptable you are regarding your availability, especially if you lack the necessary experience.

How Hard Is It to Get a Job at Walmart?

Since the stores are frequently short-staffed, it’s generally not too difficult to get hired at Walmart for an hourly position, even if you have no prior experience. Even though they don’t require the most skill, the night shifts are particularly straightforward to land because of their high turnover rate.

The process of landing a job in a managerial position is much more difficult and requires more training, some past retail experience, and occasionally even a college degree.

After completing the application, you will be taken to an assessment test that consists of 65 multiple-choice questions. Depending on how you respond to this test, you will be assigned to “Tier 1” or “Tier 2.” Only if you reach Tier 1 will Walmart’s Human Resources Department consider hiring you.

You must respond with affirmative responses if you want to be placed in the Tier 1 category (e.g., honesty is positive, showing up on time is positive). Depending on how the question is worded, some of your answer options will be “strongly agree,” while others will be “strongly disagree.” Never select an intermediate response; always select “strongly agree” or “strongly disagree.” Anyone who crosses the line is not someone Walmart wants to hire. Additionally, you should select this if one of the response options includes anything like, “Speak with a manager.” In ambiguous circumstances, deferring to your superiors is a good quality.

What Is Walmart Hiring Process in 2022? For an hourly employment, Walmart’s hiring procedure includes:

  • applying for jobs at Walmart
  • the Walmart Assessment test being taken
  • conducting one brief interview
  • background check after an interview
  • completing orientation and beginning work

Rarely, someone can be hired right away without going through an interview; in that instance, you’d only be called in for an orientation. Whether or not the store is understaffed will determine this. There may be extra requirements, like passing two interviews, for positions in IT or senior management.

Get Your Application on the Top of the Pile

The next action is to network with present workers. Talk to the managers, cashiers, cart pushers, and stockers when you enter the store. Speak with everyone who could give you an advantage over the competition.

If you create a positive impression, managers and current workers might be able to move your application to the “head of the pile.” A good employee’s recommendation can go a long way, and if you speak with a manager, they can literally pluck out your application and place it at the top of the pile.

Once you’ve applied, you should phone the human resources manager on a regular basis to check on the status of your application and to see if any vacancies are being filled.

When networking with current employees, it’s a good idea to find out how frequently you should call human resources because you need to be persistent. Getting a sense of the environment at the store you are applying to is a smart idea because every HR manager is different.

Be Prepared for Your Interview, You should be ready if Walmart calls you for an interview. Three candidates are being interviewed for the role, including you. Yes, for each position available at Walmart, three applicants get interviewed. Hopefully, having this knowledge will give you the upper hand.

Three individuals will interview you simultaneously; often, two assistant managers and a department manager. Each manager will ask you a question in turn. These questions could include multiple parts, such as “Have you ever had to work with a challenging individual? What did you do in response? What happened as a result?” These kinds of inquiries will probably be posed to you, so be ready.

If you receive a call for a second interview, it essentially implies you have been hired; yet, they will still want to interview you again. Even the interviewers asking the same questions can be the same. You ought to have no trouble getting through the second interview if you passed the previous one with flying colors.

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