How Challenging Is It to Obtain Employment at Tesla? (Complete Information 2022)

Hello, and thank you for visiting In this blog, we will share information on how challenging it is to obtain employment at Tesla. Tesla Motors is an example of a business that can appear too cool to be true. They frequently produce vehicles that are as svelte as they are energy-efficient, and they are continually breaking new ground in the electric car sector. There is no denying that Tesla is writing history on a daily basis.

Of all, maintaining such a recognizable tech powerhouse requires a sizable staff. Tesla has come a long way from the days when they just had five staff members in total to today, when they have about 50,000 people working for them.

They have many of options for job candidates. They receive a deluge of applications whenever a position becomes available. Why else would they not be? Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, is renowned for motivating his team with his contagious fervor, and many job candidates are excited about the prospect of making history.

So, as a member of the Tesla team, are you one of those driven achievers keen to leave your mark on the world? If so, have courage. There’s a chance.

Depending on the position you’re applying for, Tesla has different prerequisites. Let’s look at a few typical positions at Tesla as the majority of folks just want a general overview of what it takes to get a Tesla job.

Normal factory jobs like production associate have low requirements, and you don’t need to meet any unique criteria. For instance, a production associate must meet the following requirements:

  • diploma from high school (preferred),
  • the age of 18,
  • English is a language you can speak and write.

and that’s about it. The only need for this position is a high school graduation, which is simply recommended and not required. No prior knowledge is necessary. Because the criteria are so minimal, it should be simpler to become a production associate at Tesla.

A Quality Engineering Technician must meet slightly more criteria. You must have at least one year of experience working in a capacity that is focused on manufacturing, quality, or processes. As you gain this experience, you’ll also meet other criteria for this position, including:

  • expertise with mechanical inspection using a variety of tools
  • the capacity to read and comprehend simple mechanical drawings
  • knowledge of the GD&T fundamentals expertise in formulating work instructions
  • understanding of Lean Manufacturing techniques

Not awful at all, is it? No degree is often necessary for these; they are all learned through employment in such roles. Therefore, you essentially just need one year of prior experience in tasks that are similar to get recruited in a typical role for a Quality Engineering Technician. This is still rather simple to obtain, and most people find it to be of low to medium difficulty.

However, at Tesla, the usual engineering position’s qualifications are as follows:

  1. engineering science bachelor’s degree (Mechanical, Electrical, etc)
  2. knowledge of CAD software
  3. Having design, analysis, and validation experience with components
  4. knowledge of geometric tolerances and dimensions
  5. experience working on similar projects in the past (preferred)

Bear in mind the word “preferred.” It is desirable, but not required, to have prior experience in order to apply for engineering roles at Tesla, which range from entry-level to expert positions. All you need is a fundamental understanding of how to use CAD software, an engineering degree, and at least some prior experience working on either academic or professional projects.

Even if Elon Musk claims that you don’t need a college degree to apply for engineering positions, you still need to have excellent experience that you can demonstrate in order to be taken into consideration.

Likewise, bear in mind that Tesla is currently extremely well-known and receives a ton of resumes and applications, not just from the US but from all around the world. Even if you meet the minimum standards, getting an offer will be challenging unless you stand out in some way.

What Does Tesla Look For in Employees? (Complete Guide)

Talented and motivated individuals who are eager to put in at least 40 hours (and frequently more than 50) a week of work as well as long-term employees at Tesla are sought after by the company. They want brilliant engineers who are driven and don’t mind working occasionally challenging hours.

It is commonly known that many Tesla employees frequently have to put in a lot of overtime. This does not imply that all Tesla departments operate in this manner. Simply put, it means that if you work in the automobile sector, you can experience a little bit more pressure than usual. Elon Musk, the CEO, is responsible for this.

It is also well known that while many employees dislike this, others don’t mind, either because they are satisfied with their compensation or because their work is influencing a bright future. Additionally, you might receive stock compensation (often in the form of RSUs), and Tesla stock has shown enormous growth over the previous ten years, particularly since 2020.

This may inspire many individuals to join Tesla. Others find great motivation in working for a business that is leading the global shift to electric vehicles and reporting to a CEO who envisions sending people to Mars. These individuals are frequently a joy to work with and are zealous, driven, highly skilled, and enthusiastic.

The majority of Tesla workers are kind, gifted, and diligent individuals. This might be your kind of environment if it suits your description. Find the team you’re most interested in working with by visiting Tesla Careers.

How Hard Is It to Get Hired by Tesla?

There is a lot of rivalry for jobs at Tesla because so many people want to work there. For the roughly 2,500 available posts, they only had about 50,000 applications in 2017. Obviously, the bulk of those applicants were unsuccessful in landing the job. Not to worry, though. It is conceivable to work at Tesla, and if you do, you’ll be happy you took the risk.

Vice President of worldwide recruiting Cindy Nicola offered this advice when asked for advice on how to land a job at Tesla: “Everyone should just apply.”

You should heed her counsel if you believe you would fit well with Tesla’s culture. After all, what could possibly go wrong? You are not given a job. Except for the time it takes to prepare your application, there is nothing you have lost. Compare that to the potential benefits, which include landing your dream job and having a meaningful impact on the future of civilization.

Don’t let your fear of being rejected prevent you from pursuing your goals. Try it out!

The careers page of Tesla is the best place to start your search for a job. Take some time to review the details they supply before you start the actual job search. Still seem like a place you’d like to work there? If so, start by clicking the “Search All Careers” button.

A page with a list of all the open positions will appear. Here’s how to find what you need since scrolling through that would take forever:

  • In the search box on the left side of the screen, type the desired job title or a pertinent phrase. As you input, the outcomes ought to update immediately.
  • Set any filters, such as job category, area, and exact location, to help you focus your search. Your state (if you’re in the United States) and city may become available depending on the filters you select.
  • When you’re satisfied with the results, consider your options and make a decision.

Right here on The Org, you may also check at available positions at Tesla. Jobs on The Org are put directly on the org chart, allowing you to see who you would be working with and the appropriate hiring manager for each role. Utilize The Org to view team announcements, insider experiences, and potential coworkers’ working habits all for free. Additionally, you can apply right on the page.

However, there are other places where you can look for job openings than Tesla’s careers page. On the internet, there are countless job boards that list Tesla jobs. To examine what is available, you may even look at their organizational structure, which is available to the public.

What If Tesla Doesn’t Hire You? Don’t take it personally if Tesla ultimately isn’t the place for you. An employer with so high demand cannot hire everyone. There is still room for you to land your ideal career.

Look at different org charts and job advertising websites to determine which positions would best suit your background and abilities. On The Org, you can also locate fantastic tech jobs.

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